We have a large fleet of raised roof, full size vans with Braun hydraulic lifts that have more room for multiple wheelchair with additional attendant seating. Family members may ride along with you at no extra charge when desired. All our vehicles are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure our clients comfort and safety. Our career oriented drivers are trained initially for 60 hours in house and on the road before they ever do any transport. After initial training they attend on-going updates and changes in the industry to stay ahead of the curve. They are certified in safety first aid and CPR with additional certification in wheelchair securing and sensitivity training for wheelchair bound clients. No other service in the area offers this type of in-depth attention to detail. Because of our commitment to quality training we have trained almost every driver in the area regardless of what companies in the area realize that our training far surpasses any other. When arranging transport services please detail all your specific needs so we may serve you diligently and with appropriate staff and equipment.